Current Staff


Louise Maher-Johnson, Skyhill Farmer

Louise Maher-Johnson retired after 35 years of high school teaching in NYC. Her philosophy of teaching, parenting and chickening is consistent, i.e., provide exposure to the widest but safest environment. Nourish and exercise the body and mind. (Yes, our chickens are indeed high IQ!)

Former Staff

Briana Lynn Zeck, Assistant Farm Manager

Briana Zeck has a biology degree from Colgate University and is now working on her histotechology certification. Her career goal is medicine with farming as a co-career. She has helped create this farm since she was a high school sophomore when our first flock of chicks arrived in the mail. Briana's jobs currently range from chicken care, to garden planning, to graphic and web design (like this website!). 


Tim Meadors, Farm Manager (2014)

Tim Meadors lived and worked with us for six months in 2014. He converted our lawn to permaculture garden, designed our glass greenhouse, taught several interns, and began the permaculture center with its outreach to the community. He came to us with agro-forestry experience in the Peace Corps (Mauritania and Senegal) and in small villages in Guatemala. He has moved on to work in an established intentional community.

Brendan Smith, Summer/Fall Intern (2014)

Brendan Smith, our most recent intern, graduated U Buffalo with physics/math degree in 2014. He is now volunteering in New Zealand. He says to tell everyone about our 100% organic food!  And, he wrote to me, “I really enjoyed the level of involvement I was given, especially as I had practically no experience doing anything related to farming, etc. It was very encouraging to sit down at those first few meetings and feel like people were really listening to suggestions I made, and encouraging me to develop them further on my own. I think this is something that every person enjoys and benefits from, and I would strongly suggest you keep the same format of weekly meetings with future interns. It builds both group strength and communication, and gives individual motivation.”