Falling Water

Falling Water Permaculture Center is intended to model sustainability with our half acre permaculture garden, our planned 1.5 acre orchard, our passive solar house, our low tunnels, and both our (in-progress) goat and chick barn with its roof of solar panels, and a wood and glass greenhouse for chickens and crop extension.

Initial Garden
Our garden has 140 young perennials (fruit and nut bushes and trees, herbs and flowers), and many raised beds with well-worked and mulched soil, ready for future veggies.

Maintaining “Wildness”
We have 35 acres under a conservation easement, including a stream with headwaters in a protected state forest, a waterfall, beaver pond, woodlands and fields.

Our “Living” House
Our unique house is already a model of sustainable living. It was designed by Adirondack Alternative Energy to reduce consumption, and to last for four hundred years.  It includes features such as:

  • Large south facing windows and skylights
  • Thick six-sided insulation for winter warmth/summer coolness
  • A small central wood stove and a chimney with large thermal mass
  • An in-wall venting system , re-circulating air from ceiling through floor.
  • A venting fan that prevents pipes from freezing   during upstate winters
  • Micro filtering to absorb dust and allergen particles
  • Rainwater collection into a cistern with hand pump
  • Solar panel system supplies house electrical needs and feeds surplus to the grid